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About me


I am Ken, a full-time traveler traveling all around Asia. On my channel we are exploring different countries, cultures and beautiful places here in Asia together. You won’t see many tourist places in my videos, I rather like to show the “real” sides of each country on my channel. Where do the local people go to eat? Where do they hang out? How do the locals travel through the country? Stuff like that. Join the #teamabroad community on the channel and be part of my travels around southeast Asia.

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My travel guide e-books are full with useful travel tips like how to get the best hotel deals, how to get around the country, where do go, suggested travel routes, detailed cost breakdowns and they all include a huge collection of Google Maps links to places I have been to. Every hotel I can recommend, every restaurant, view points, markets, hidden gems etc. Currently I offer travel guides for Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Trave Consultancy

Travel Consultancy

I have spent over one year each in Thailand and Malaysia, traveled all around both countries and thus have a lot of experience. I also spent over 4 years in total as a full-time traveler in southeast Asia  If you want to visit one of the countries that I have been to, if you want to start full-time traveling too, or if you plan a trip around southeast Asia, I am here to help you.

Let's meet for one hour on Zoom or Skype and we can go through all the specific questions that you might have regarding your personal best travel experience. You can learn from my experiences and therefore save money and time.


I can tell you which places are worth visiting, how I manage to get the best hotel deals, how I get around the countries, where and what to eat and much more, but we can also go through some specific topics or things you'd like to know. Please let me know your questions or your topics in advance.

Payment via Paypal.

Get in touch with me

Thank you!

Price: 1-hour - $149

My Shirts


Show your support and get a Ken Abroad T-Shirt.

Business Inquiries

Business inquiries & sponsorships

Do you want to get your message in front of thousands of viewers? I am open to cooperate with brands that mach the interests of my channel audience and my values. To be considered, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Business inquiries ONLY

Thank you!

Instagram & Facebook

Follow me on instagram & facebook

I post daily stories on my Instagram account as well as pictures and reels from my trips. If you want to be up-to-date where I am every day, Instagram is the place for it. I also do Q&A sessions there regularly.

Facebook is the place where I post short-form content from my trips (3-5 min videos)


Want to support me?

If you like what I am doing and would like to support me, you can do it by a one time PayPal donation. The donation will be 100% re-invested into my channel. I appriciate every donation, thanks a lot!

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